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Austrian Water and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV)


What is the ÖWAV?

Since 1909 the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV) represents the entire spectrum of water and waste management in Austria. As a non-profit organization the ÖWAV is committed to achieve the goals of sustainable water, waste water and waste management at national and international level.

The ÖWAV provides its over 2.000 members a sector network and a neutral and independent platform for all specialized experts and involved professional groups as well as up-to-date information and a balance of interests in the national water, wastewater and waste management. Members of the ÖWAV are public administrations, municipal services, private sectors and universities. The principle tasks of the association include the elaboration of ÖWAV-regulations provided by working groups within the association’s professional departments, the development and organization of education and training offerings related to practical needs as well as information and communication.

ÖWAV objectives

1. Education and quality standards for water and waste management
> Development of high quality standards (technical regulations, practical guides and field manuals) for water and waste management
> Working-group activity within professional department work
> Providing highly qualified education and training

2. Balance of information and interests, both internally and externally
> Platform for the balance of interests
> Providing information to members and the public
> Advisory service for environmental legislation
> Networking platform for members

The ÖWAV provides for its members

An information and communication platform
Vollversammlung 2023
> First hand information regarding legal, technical and economical development in the water, wastewater and waste management sector
> Opportunities for knowledge and experience transfer in the fields of water, wastewater and waste management
> Contribution to technical rules and statements on draft-laws and -regulations by participating in working groups
> Contact to decision-makers
> Organisation of knowledge and experience transfer for sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants (www.kan.at)
> Delivery of the professional journal »Österreichische Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft« (Austrian Water and Waste Management, in German)
> Delivery of the »ÖWAV-News« (in German): Current news via e-mail
> Price reductions for ÖWAV education and training events and ÖWAV publications
> Information and public relations
> Benchmarking for wastewater treatment plants and sewer systems
> Contact to international associations
> Advocacy for the water, wastewater and waste management sectors
> Website www.oewav.at
The ÖWAV education and training program
> Conferences and seminars
> Workshops and symposia
> Courses focusing on:
– Waste treatment plants
– Waste water treatment plants
– Sewer systems
– Hydro dams and retention basins
– Flood protection facilities
– Manufactured snow systems
– Hydro maintenance
– Torrent control
– Neophytes management
– Cost and performance accounting
– Courses in the area of law
> Knowledge and experience transfer for:
– Personnel of waste treatment plants
– Personnel of wastewater treatment plants
– Flood protection associations


ÖWAV departments and working groups

Numerous working groups within the ÖWAV departments develop technical regulations, position and professional papers, comment on laws, and initiate the transfer of knowledge and experience of economic, administrative, and scientific stakeholders.

ÖWAV members

  • Construction and building industry
  • Federal government, federal states and communities
  • Flood protection associations
  • Engineering firms
  • Interest groups
  • Production and commercial enterprises
  • Legal offices
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Water supply, wastewater and waste companies
  • Water supply, wastewater and waste associations
  • Certifiers, consultants and auditors
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